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Amazon Kindle: Reading will never be the same again

November 19, 2007 24 comments

After more than ten years of revolutionizing the way books are sold, Amazon is all set to revolutionize books themselves. Our new e-book reader, the Amazon Kindle launches today.
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I’ve had the privilege of working on this project and it’s been an incredible roller-coaster of a joy ride.

You can get more info from Newsweek’s cover story on the kindle here.

In my opinion, there’s one feature that trumps things in Kindle’s favour. Free Wireless, For Life.
This means two things to me:

  • You only have to pay for the books and Amazon will back it up, store your annotations and bookmarks at our site. You don’t lose your books even if you lose your kindle.
  • Books will *never* be out of stock for the kindle and they arrive the minute you order them.

Oh and did I mention that I worked on this product?

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