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Amazing Amazon!

I frankly did not know much about what Amazon does until i attended their pre-placement talk. I should honestly say that I’m now very excited by the great work they’re doing which, by the way ranges from online Stores to Custom Online Computing and Storage solutions. And in case you missed it, that was my not-subtle-hint that i was given an offer at Amazon 😀

We were called in for an off-campus interview at their swanky office here in Ascendos, Chennai.We had one written and three face-to-face interviews. All of really did great(a fact that even Amazon could testify). At the end of it though, only me and my good friend Rajiv Mathews got offers.Although only two of us were hired, Amazon’ assertion that the standard of our class was very high was something i was very happy about.

The interview itself was really an enjoyable process, with some of our “All star” Alumni like Dharma and Prasanna(who were just legends uptil then) interviewing us. My inteview by itself wasn’t too hard as the questions were mostly on OO Design.
One question, from Dharma that swept all of us, off our feet:
Given a doubly linked list where

  1. one link points to it’s next neighbour
  2. Other link points to some random node in the list(could also point to NULL)

Write an algorithm to make a copy of this list.

Amazon simply had almost anything and everything a good programmer could wish for

  1. Great People to work with
  2. ALL their products are innovative *and* have business value
  3. Free Lunch, Laptop and Ride home!
  4. They have an office in Chennai(Okay, that only ONE programmer wants 😉 )

P.S : Thanks to Vijay Nagaraj, the man behind the title!

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