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All’s well that ends well

I’m going to swear again for the n’th time that i will start blogging regularly and that i will do put in some content here. But before that, an update on the Kurukshetra Online Programming Contest. Fate struck us on new year’s eve with our server we hosted the site on crashing for reasons that were beyond our control. we couldn’t get it up on time and had to eventually cancel the contest and hold it again. we rescheduled it again to the 14th of January and this time making sure that we had a kick-ass server running underneath. The acutal contest went well and i could well say that hackzor behaved as well as expected.

Hackzor has grown into a nice little web app now, albeit without the code being in the trunk. The current trunk is HUGELY out of version and my immediate goal is to fix the trunk right now. With me fixing the trunk, we will roll out a version which we will Christen version 0.1. The contest has also shown me a thousand places where i could change my design to improve ease and performance even adopting more simpler ways to do it. I do see good things coming up for hackor at the moment and would also continue to offer it for other Online Programming Contest that want hackzor underneath.

Prashanth has compiled a list of statistics that he has picked up from the server. Do read his article if you’re inclined.

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    Why does your sidebar link to an Non-Existent URL of Casanova? The Right URL would be http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giacomo_Casanova

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