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Kurukshetra Online Programming Contest ’06

It’s been two weeks since i cam back from a long tour of the ICPC contests and the HiPC Conf.(we’ll talk about those things later) and people who were wondering what i was doing all these weeks should attend the Kurukshetra Online Programming Contest . The Contest is to be held on 31st December ’06 from 2-7PM Indian Standard Time(GMT+0530). I designed the site in Django, along with my Pal Prashanth Mohan and it’s turned out quite well. I also played a very tiny part in setting the questions, the majority of the credit for which goes to my other Great friend Rajiv Mathews, who has meticulously worked on the framing the problems and solving them. I was able to see the amount of thought he had put into it when we designed the Test Cases for the questions.
Building this Web app has given me a lot of insight into Software Development not to mention the python-expertise I’ve gained. But, again, more on what i learnt in later blogs. For now, you can go to http://opc.kurukshetra.org.in and try a hand at out Contest. The prize money is quite a large sum(2000USD totally) and the contest is open to all.

We support quite a few languages(unlike most of the other Online Programming Contests) and hope to support more in the coming years. The current contest supports C,C++, Java, Python, Ruby and Perl.

So, Those who want to start their new year with a 1000 dollars in their pockets, you know know where to go!

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  1. January 4, 2007 at 10:34 am

    Hey, how did it go finally?

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