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On College and Work

My recent internship and the ‘friendly’ trip to Microsoft India Development Centre showed me how cool work was (in a good company), and how it’s even better than college!

Yes, I agree that there’s nothing like college life but think about the following

1. No Home Work. You will have to do some work at home, But you can still avoid it if you want to, No one is at least forcing you to do some homework.

AND, you can also work from home these days!

Wednesdays, i heard, have officially been declared “No Meeting Days”. A few ppl i know make good use of this and work from home

2. You have only ONE boss to report to. In college, you have usually 6-8 bosses(depending on the subjects you have), each of who, don’t have a clue of what the other(boss) is doing and set clashing deadlines most of the times. Not that i really care about these deadlines, but hey they’re still a burden to my (rather limited) memory!

3. Weekends are totally off. My working seniors absolutely enjoy Weekends. I, on the other hand, have to catch up to the world on weekends, to compensate for wasting my time atteding college in the week days. (This is very related to point 1, but i still feel it deserves special mention)

4. All though we have the just about the same amount of ‘working hours'(the time spent in office/college) is just about the same, The amount of REM Work(the amount of time doing some real work) is higher. I ‘m estimating that they do at-least 2 hours of REM work where as, I’d be lucky to do at-least half of that on my most productive days.

5. People use Computers to work, learn, Code and play in Offices – enough said!

( Ms has an Xbox Live in the third floor, apart from a Pool table, a Foos Ball table and a TT table at each floor! This i’ve heard is the standard in most companies now 😐 )

The good news is that all this ‘wasting’ ends this semester!

P.S : As much as i loathe attending all classes, I still do enjoy good lectures from a few quality faculty that my department is blessed with. It’s not the lectures i hate, it’s the system of mandatory physical presence  that i hate.

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  1. August 27, 2006 at 5:44 am

    1. WTF!!! Home Work??? Oh man no wonder I wasnt getting the grades… I have been sleeping too much.

    2. Bah, You need to meet your boss in office…. do u even remember the face of your profs?

    3. hmm… I cut 2 classes in between the day and finish the work 🙂

    4. +1

    5. awwwwww man… dont make me hate college

    But then I dont agree its a waste. When you joined college, you made a comittment to go through a set of exams, and they are only training you for that. Oh wait.. i will quit before i become more philosophical

  2. August 28, 2006 at 6:07 am

    You echo my sentiments…

  3. August 28, 2006 at 9:43 am

    Welcome change…non-fundoo stuff… gud post!

  4. Niranjan
    September 3, 2006 at 9:51 am

    dei whatever u say there is nothing like college life da…
    1. Home Work? As if we all did our home works and assignments promptly…moreover u can extend the deadline which is not the case with the office work…
    2. Even though u have to report to only one boss each and every action will matter da…but with many of our prof all our pranks have been pardoned
    3. Do u remember doing any college work on any weekend…at least as far as i am concerned i have never done it…

    But i agree with one point u mentioned which is “It’s not the lectures i hate, it’s the system of mandatory physical presence that i hate.”

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